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Longitude and Latitude Meaning

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This vidoe about about teaching a basic concept of geography to the kids.Latitude and longitude are very basic terms in geography.They help us to explain the location or position of a place on the globe. Latitudes and longitudes form a grid system on the globe,by knowing this we an easily find out any place on the earth. Latitudes are horizontal lines on the globe ,these are also known as parallels as they are at an equal distance from each other and never meet.Each degree of latitude is approximately 111 kilometers apart (69 miles),although there is little variation as the earth is not perfectly round as it is shaped slightly like an egg. The vertical lines on the globe are known as longitude.They all converge at poles and are widest at equator the middle of the earth.They are also known meridians.Greenwich in England is at zero degree longitude. Degrees of longitude and latitude are divided into minutes and seconds.Every degree has 60 minutes and every minutes has 60 seconds.